Park Resort Vosem Ozer

Unique complex ParkResort "Vosem Ozer" is located a half an hour drive from the center of Almaty next to Kamennoe Plato Village of Talgarsky District. In the place where once upon a time the landscape typical for Kazakhstan – steppe plain - dominated, nowadays evergreen forest huffes and puffes, smooth water of swimming pools is reflected in the sunlight and the life of future ecocity is pulsing.

Kamennoe Plato Village, Talgarsky District, Almaty Region
Mountain Resort-Hotel Lesnaia skazka

Oy-Karagay gorge, in which Mountain Resort-Hotel "Lesnaia skazka" is located and has all unique dignities of the Kazakh land – a softwood forest on the slopes, majestic hills of foothills of Zailiysky Alatau, footpathes laid among rocks and spurs, plain areas of stony upland, unique flora and fauna, high concentration of pure air, places of energy flows – and all these majestic things are accessibly next to the megapolis.

Almaty Region, Talgarsky District, Oy-Karagay gorge, Zailiysky Alatau.
Tabagan Recreation Center

At Tabagan Recreation Center of Almaty City - you can feel dizzy because of crystal clear air, you will not know where to look first as everything around you is beautiful, and your heart will beat faster due to oncoming fascinating adventures. At Tabagan Recreation Center everyone will find a rest for its own soul. You can visit this place throughout the whole year.

Almaty Region, Talgarsky District, Beskainar Village
Highland resort қ ұқ

In any season Highland resort "құқ" is the best place in the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau! Do you like to rest actively and extremely? Do you prefer walking and picnics in the open air? Or do you just want to discover any new picturesque places? Here everyone will find a rest for its own soul, all roads lead to "құқ"!

Ryskulova Village Talgarsky District
Trout Enterprise Issyk

The oldest trout enterprise in the vicinity of Almaty was founded in 1967. Today it is the largest manufacturer of coast rainbow trout in Kazakhstan.

Ili-Alatausky National Park
Medeu Highland Rink
"Medeu" is a sports center, built in Medeo mountain district at the height of 1691 meters above the sea level, next to the southern capital of Kazakhstan — Almaty City. At present Medeu is the highest highland center for winter sports with the largest area of the artificial ice arena — 10.5 thous.m². Highland facilitates breaking the records, for all the time 170 world records have been broken there. 
Ile-Alatau National Park, 465 Gornaia St.
Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak Ski Resort is located in the picturesque gorge of Zailiysky Alatau at the height of 2260 meters above the sea level, 15 minuted drive from the city center of Almaty.

640 Gornaia St., Almaty

One-day resort - this is how Almatians and all city guests kept in mind this wonderful recreational compound. Of course, TAU SPA- center resort can also be a resort of many days, all the more so as purest water of its pools, sauna, Turkish and Alpine baths; Russian, Eastern, Scandinavian and Japanese baths appear reluctant for this place not to be left at all.

1 Almaarasan gorge, Almaty
Kumbel Hotel

Ile-Alatau National Park is a place of wild nature with rich flora and fauna, with deep gorges and woody mountains. It is here, in Alma-Arasansk gorge, where Kumbel Hotel is comfortably located, only 15 minutes from the circle at Al-Farabi - Navoi and 40 minutes from the city center..

Almaty Region, Karasaysky District, Kok-Shoky Village
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