Minivans and minibuses

The lease of minivans, minibuses and buses becomes an integral part of transport services. Due to a vast choice of proposed cars, a minimum set of documents for conclusion of a lease agreement, the service becomes popular among organizations. The lack of a need in permanent availability of a passenger or cargo minibus in your car fleet and renting it at any certain time will save a lot of funds on bank accounts of legal entities.

MercedesBenzSprinter is the best solution for transportation of a great number of passengers (14-18 seats). Cars with comfortable and large compartments will be ideal for long-distance trips, arrangement of jubilances or business events.

MercedesBenzViano is a high-performance luxurious minivan by Mercedes for 6-7 seats. A large set of options will make your trip unforgettable and as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable and clean passenger compartments, experienced drivers and reasonable prices under the agreement make our proposal best in the market of passenger transport lease. 

Our tariffs:

Brand Though the city

Transfer Airport

(meeting / accompanying

service at departure)

Number of seatings
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 6 000 tg per 1 h, min. order 4 h. 20 000 tg 14-18
Toyota Hiace 6 000 tg per 1 h, min. order 4 h. 17 000 tg 11-14
Setra Bus 80 000 tg per 8 h. 45 000 tg 50
Minivans: Multivan/Vito/Viano 10 000 tg per 1 hmin. order 4 h. 20 000 tg 6-7
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