Business taxi

A-MotorsBusiness is a premium-class service. According to your order a high-performance car in a severe colour will be delivered to you. The car will be driven by a professional driver, who will ensure you to feel comfortable. He/she will open a door for you to get in, will adjust the air-conditioner and choose luscious music.

Choose A-MotorsBusiness for trips to the airport or to railway station using a business-class car. Unlike ordinary taxi, you will not need to go to the exit with your heavy bag and then to rush about the street looking for the required car. Our drivers will meet you with a table in the arrivals area or on the platform, will carry your luggage and will take you to the car in the covered parking. You are aware of the cost of your trip to the airport in advance, as the prices for transfer are fixed.



Car: Toyota Camry 
City tariff Transfers Airport/Railway - city   Additional address:
5 000 tg per hour 5 000 tg 1 500 tg




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