Evacuation and transportation of vehicles

A-Motors Group LLP provides evacuation and transportation of vehicles in the city of Almaty and Astana. We are ready to assist in the arrangement of prompt delivery in the most reliable and cost-efficient manner.

The technical base of A-Motors Group LLP consists of the new reliable Italian Iveco vehicles equipped with a modern 5.8 meters sliding platform, the capacity of these vehicle is 3.5 tons, which makes it convenient to transport not only cars, but also SUVs and minibuses.

We offer the following evacuation and transportation services:

  • Evacuation of passenger cars, Class B and C. We will help to promptly evacuate any passenger car, SUV or minibus with any design features on sliding evacuator.

  • High quality and safe transportation of corporate vehicles from point A to point B.

  • Loader crane services. We will help to lift and deliver cars with any defects, as well as with automatic gearbox in emergency service with protection against towing with locked wheels or due to a serious accident.

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