Purchase of corporate vehicles

A-Motors Group LLP offers its clients a program for the purchase/sale of vehicles in the fleet of your organization that have reached their expected service life. If there is a need for partial or full sale of the fleet discharged from the company’s books, A-Motors Group LLP is ready to become your reliable business partner.

Sale of vehicle fleet of legal entities is carried out a little bit differently than a similar procedure for individuals. As a result, most companies involved in the purchase of vehicles do not deal with this procedure. A huge experience of purchase and selling large fleets allows us to offer customized solutions for your company.

The procedure for purchase or sale is carried out in accordance with all requirements prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the convenience of our Clients, we offer the possibility to purchase a fleet not only in Almaty, but also in all regions of Kazakhstan.

Cooperation with us guarantees you a number of advantages

  • Favorable conditions for individual valuation of each vehicle.

  • Free visit of the appraiser and expert to any point you specify.

  • Purchase of any number of vehicles simultaneously.

  • Timely execution of purchase/sale documents.

  • Independent removal of purchased vehicles

  • Provision of the fleet purchase value within three days

  • 100% payment for vehicles upon conclusion of the contract.

  • Purchase of vehicles without pre-sale inspection.

  • The shortest possible time for all operations.

  • Transparency of transaction

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